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The University of Zakho Visited Lund University in Sweden

08 March 2019

The University of Zakho, represented by Dr. Shaker Rasheed-Faculty of Science-Dept. of Mathematics and Dr. Naseem visited Lund University in Sweden. The visit to Lund University- Sweden was as a guest researcher in the Faculty of Engineering/ LTH Department of Numerical Analysis which is offered by Professor Claus Führer in parallel with Dr. Naseem Abdal from the University of Zakho. The mission was to design Geomathematics master courses with help and support of Lund University. They are enrolling currently in two courses, Advanced simulation theory with Python and Approximation theory and Data Analysis course.
They have also observed and participated in different activities;
1- Have attended a training course for one week in Gothenburg city about mathematical modeling for Volvo truck which is funded by the Volvo company.
2- Workshop at Lund University in remote sensing and the application of Geophysics for the period of 2 days.