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The University of Zakho Participated in the Summer Conference of the Project "Qualification for Inclusive Education in Iraq and Kurdistan Region" in Oldenburg and Vechta Universities in Germany

11 September 2019

A delegation from the University of Zakho participated in the Summer Conference entitled " Qualifications for Inclusive Education in Iraq and Kurdistan Region" organized by the University of Oldenburg and the University of Vechta in Germany 2019. The conference took place in both Vechta and Oldenburg Universities. Participants from the University of Zakho had a very active role in the conference and all the discussions held. The delegate consisted of two groups. A group that participated in Special Need Education conference in Oldenburg university consisted of Dr. Zahid Sami Mohammed, from the Dept. of Psychology, Mr. Ivan Hasan Murad from the English Dept./Faculty of Humanities, and Ms. Kajeen Hussein Karo, from the Dept. of Psychology, and the other group that participated in Inclusive Education in University of Vechta consisted of Dr. Hariwan Zikri Ibrahim- Dept. of Mathematics/ Faculty of Education, and Mr. Khorsheed Mohammed Rasheed Ahmed/- Dept. of English language/ Faculty of Humanities, and Ms. Vaman Ahmed Mohammed from the Dept. of Psychology / Faculty of Humanities.
The conference took place in both universities campuses from 21st to 29th of Aug. 2019. The program of the conference put forward the steps for the next projects, the discussions, and planning of the future along with the cooperation between the five participating universities from Iraq and Kurdistan region and two universities from Germany. The main focus of the conference was on the innovative and modern subjects, method, and strategies of learning in Inclusive Education and Special Need Education as well including Class management, differentiation in the classroom, Good Behavior Game, Co-Teaching, Multi-instructional plan, introduction to special educational diagnostics assessment and fostering of cognitive skills, motor psychology, learning disabilities, teaching traumatic children and establishing safe learning environment, and lastly the agenda included visits to different schools and institutions in the field of Special Needs Education. In addition to the concrete measures and contents of the joined program for the next meetings in the project: Qualification for Inclusive Education Iraq and Kurdistan Region.
It is worth mentioning that the project is funded by the German DAAD organization in which it supports the project for beneficial cooperation between all mentioned universities in the future.