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The University of Zakho started the EF English Indexing Test

21 May 2019

The English Indexing test is a test that is set by the Ministry of Higher Education in collaboration with Education First organization. The test is set for students, teachers and staff of all universities in the Kurdistan region. The test includes two language skills of English: reading and listening. The test takes 50 minutes (25 reading and 25 listening).

Under the supervision of the president of the University of Zakho Dr. Lazgin Abdi Jamil and the vice president for Scientific Affairs Dr. Yaseen Taha Mustafa, all the requirements to start the test were provided. Three computerized testing halls were prepared and a thorough timetable which includes dates and times of the test for students and staff of each faculty is set by the test administrators namely Dr. Aveen M. Hasan and Mr Ivan Hasan Murad, faculty members of English Department and the IT specialists Mr. Sinan, Cuwan Izet and Mr. Hajar. It is worth mentioning that the test starts at 9am and finishes at 3pm.

According to the timetable set, on Monday 20th of May, 2019, the test started officially at UOZ. A considerable number of students from college of administration and commerce and Faculty of Humanities, English Language Department took the test.

Generally, the test went very well and there were no administration problems, the internet line was very good and the IT staff were very helpful. However, the students were not enthusiastic about the test as they were tired from their exams and they think it is not the suitable time because it is their exam periods.