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The University of Zakho Participated in the International Conference SuDBE 2015

16 September 2015

Dr. Kamil Mansoor Yousif, lecturer at the Environmental Science Dept. at the University of Zakho, took part in the 7th International Conference on Sustainable Development in Building and Environment–SuDBE2015, which was held in Reading, UK, on 27th to 29th of July, 2015. Dr. Kamil M. Yousif and Mr. Muneer Ayoub shared in this congress with a unique paper (Water Quality Index of the little Khabur River in Zakho City, Kurdistan Region).

The organizers of SuDBE 2015 belong to the University of Reading, UK, University of Cambridge, UK, and Chongqing University, China. The congress was an exciting event and lots of thoughts were put together planning to make this conference a successful event.

The 7th SuDBE conference included a wide range of topics of sustainability across the range of urban development and buildings. The conference draws prominent speakers and technical presentations from universities, installations and industries around the world. It was an exciting opportunity to showcase the new technology, the new products of the companies, etc.
The program was very intensive. It was a scientific opportunity to update knowledge on sustainable technology in the field of civil construction and environmental technologies. The technical sessions in this international conference, included, Sustainable Development in the Built Environments, Low Carbon and Green Buildings, Water and Ecological Environment Security (e.g. Water Pollution Control and Water Resource Conservation, Drinking Water safety, Sustainable Water Distribution System, etc.).