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The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Researches visited the University of Zakho

08 March 2017

On Wednesday, 8th of March, 2017, at 9:00 am. Dr. Youssef Goran, the minister of higher education and scientific researches in the Kurdistan regional governorate, visited the University of Zakho. The minister was welcomed by the Assist. Prof. Dr. Lazgin Abdi Jamil, President of the University of Zakho.

In this visit, many important topics regarding to the higher education and scientific researches were discussed. Moreover, they confirmed on the development of education process of the Universities in Kurdistan region especially the University of Zakho. On another hand, they talked about importance of holding scientific conferences in the universities and institutions.
It is worth mentioning that, the minister talked about UOZ projects and the effects of the financial crisis on it. The minister showed his support to continue the projects and other new upcoming projects. Additionally, he talked about the college of medicine that is mentioned in the master plan of University of Zakho and discussed about opening this college at the University.

At the end of this visit, Dr. Yousif Goran showed his support to the University of Zakho and added that the University of Zakho is one of the best universities in Kurdistan region. He further stated that the scientific activities of University of Zakho are crystal clear. Therefore, the minister thanked and congratulated the president, his colleagues, and also all the lectures of the University of Zakho. He hoped for more achievements for the University.