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A Research Assistant at the University of Zakho participated in (TEDxManawiBasha) first conference

09 March 2017

On Saturday, 3rd of March,2017, the Research Assistant at the Statistics and ICT centre at the University of Zakho and Kurdish Language Coordinator at (TED) organisation, Mr. Ahmed Loqman Mustafa, participated in the first conference of (TEDxManawiBasha) at the international hotel in Basra city.

At the beginning of the conference, there was an art exhibition in the hall of events and the audience took a look at the works that were exhibited. Then the conference was started by the coming of Mrs. Hania Mohammed Salih, the holder of Master degree from the British University (Swansea). It is worth mentioning that, this lady invented a mobile app to help Alzheimers via music. Furthermore, some of young and capable persons shared their thoughts on variety of topics and emphasized on the importance of pursuing what we believe in to be more successful.