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ADI POWERLAB PHYSIOLOGY WORKSHOP ENTITLED “The Use of ADInstrument Teaching System in Physiology Lab “

17 April 2017

On Monday 17th of April, 2017, at the Departments of Biology of the University of Zakho in collaboration with AD Instruments the ADI POWERLAB PHYSIOLOGY WORKSHOP was held. The workshop started with a brief comment on PowerLab Physiology Teaching System and the type of experiments that can be selected in various physiology disciplines such as human, animal, pharmacology, nursing, psychology, exercise physiology etc.

The program included getting familiarized with Ultimate Teaching System, how to operate it and running some experiments on Human and Animal Physiology such as ECG, EEG, Neurophysiology of Frog”s nerve and recording compound action potential, Respiratory air flow, lung volumes and capacities as well as breathing rates.

It is worth mentionning that these Data Acquisition Systems are only used in the undergraduate physiology lab in the University of Zakho and enable for the students to perform physiology experiments of International Standards.