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The Second International Scientific Conference is concluded.

20 April 2017

On Thursday,20th of April, 2017, at 10:00 am, in the presence of Assist. Prof. Dr. Lazgin Abdi Jamil, the President of the University of Zakho, the vice president of the scientific and students affairs, deans of the departments and faculties, Members of the second international scientific conference, directors of the governmental offices, the media, the teachers and students from the University of Zakho, the ceremony of concluding the second international scientific conference under the motto "Zakho: Life, Culture and Civilization" was hold.
The last day of the conference included two scientific sessions. The first session included the presentation of scientific research by researchers and opened the door for interventions. There were many constructive discussions held between the audience and researchers in the conference.
The second session revolved around the printing and publishing of books in the Kurdistan region, at Khalil Khayali Hall of the Faculty of Humanities / University of Zakho. The session was divided into two sections: The first section included the following institutions: (Tafsir - Erbil, Writers Union - Duhok, Jamal Arfan – Sulaymaniyah, The Directorate of Printing and Publishing - Duhok), representatives of the mentioned institutions talked about the date of establishment of institutions and events organized by the institutions, and pointed to the conditions of printing and publishing books, as well as talked about the objectives of institutions.
The second section of the session included the following institutions: (Jin - Sulaymaniyah, Spirez - Dohuk, Mukiryan - Erbil, Nalband - Dohuk) Representatives. They spoke accurately about the scientific process of the work. At the end of the section, the door for interventions was opened and many Constructive discussions held between the attendees and the representatives of the sessions. The audience asked many questions to the representatives of the institutions about printing and publishing the books.
At the end of the conference, Assist. Prof. Dr. Lazgin Abdi Jamil, the President of the University of Zakho, took the speech and thanked all the members of the conference, the organising committee and the academic staff of the University. He pointed out that the objectives of the conference will give an opportunity to acquaint researchers. Then, he mentioned the importance of the government and the private sectors in helping conferences like this because our country needs a scientific process for development. At the end of his speech, he praised the efforts of the participating researchers and wished them progress and success.