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Admission of students for the academic year (2017-2018)

13 August 2017

Direct admission of University
The University of Zakho announces that our faculties and colleges will accept students (Scientific and Literary) for the academic year (2017-2018) according to the following conditions:

1-The student should be an Iraqi nationality.
2-The student should be a graduate of (2016-2017).
3-12th-grade graduates of (2015-2016) can apply too but only if they have not been accepted in other Kurdistan universities (private or governmental).
4-The student should not be older than (30) and those whose total rate is above (80%) do not go under this condition.
5-Students from outside Kurdistan borders can apply according to the points (1,2,3,4) in a condition that their schools are under the Ministry of Education in Kurdistan.
6-The total rate should not be less than (60%) for scientific departments.
7-For comparative lessons, the students can read the terms and condition in student guide on the website.
8-The students have the right to apply for different colleges and departments in a condition that they will be tested and he/she will be accepted into the college that he/she got a good mark in it.
9-Not all students will be accepted. Students will be accepted after a fair competition and his/her total rate 12th grade would be out of (80%) and the test would be out of (30%).
10-If the student is accepted through the direct admission, he/she will not have the right apply through (Zanko Line) system.
11-The accepted students do not have the right to change their departments, transfer to another university or internal dormitories.
12-The student is responsible for giving correct information otherwise he/she would be submitting to legal actions
13- The University of Zakho is not responsible for fake news and information about student admission in social medias except for the website of the university. (www.uoz.edu.krd).
14-For more information and instructions, visit the official website of the university (students guide for 2017-2018) (www.uoz.edu.krd).
15-Applying for direct admission will be through a special link on the website of the university and this link will be activated on Tuesday 15/8/2017.
16-The deadline for applying through the direct system is Sunday 10/9/2017, 5:00 p.m.
17-After reading and considering the applications, successful applicants will be notified of the time and date of the interview and test via SMS from the university between 11 to 15/9/2017. The students should bring with them the following documents for the interview:
• Iraqi civil status ID.
• Information Card.
• The list of food distribution (Ration card).
• A support for housing.
• The graduation certificate of 12th grade.
• The card of participation in 12th-grade exams.
• Six pictures

Note: All the above documents should be put in a file and a copy of them on a CD.

The list of the names of faculties, colleges and departments at the University of Zakho through direct admission system for (2017-2018) is at this link: list link
The link of students guide for (2017-2018) is: guide link

For filling the form, please click on this link: form link