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The third Zakho-German University's Partnership in the Field of Nanotechnology

10 January 2018

A group of physicists from the University of Zakho visited the University of Oldenburg in Germany at interval over prolonged period which was seven months. This was the result of a DAAD fully funded program called German-Iraqi University Twinning Program between the University of Zakho and the University of Oldenburg/Germany.

The participants were Dr. Diyar Sadiq, the main coordinator of the program from the University of Zakho, Dr. Dler Jameel, Mr. Nawzad Abdulkareem, Pshtiwan M. Amin , PhD students and Dr. Shakir Rasheed from the Department of Mathematics. During their accommodation, they interacted with researches from the ultrafast nano-optics, scanning-tunneling spectroscopy and energy and semiconductor groups. The goal of the project was to deepen the already established cooperation between the group of „Ultraschnelle Nanooptik“ from the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg (CvO) and the Physics Department from the University of Zakho in the field of nanotechnology.

At the end, a two-day Summer School on Nano phonics was held at “Hanse-wissenschaftskolleg” in Delmenhorst/Germany. The summer school was held to identify basic research on nanotechnology of the collaborated university. Around 30 inviters from different German universities in addition to two inviters from the department of the University of Zakho have participated and talked about their recent researches. Moreover, the group was honored by the attendance of Dr. Lazgin Jamil, the President of the University of Zakho, and Dr. Mahir Khalid, the Dean of the Faculty of Science at the University of Zakho. Their attendance gave the group support and motivation for continuing collaborated research with German partner. It is worth mentioning that the summer school was a good chance for the staffs to communicate internationally with other scientists and researchers. For more information.. please click here .