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An Announcement from Directorate of Students Dormitories

12 September 2018

In accordance with Directorate of Scientific Studies decree on 5/9/2018, Directorate of Students Dormitories informs second, third and fourth stage students that on Sunday, September 16, 2018, they will distribute dormitories, and the distribution will last for a week.
A-Notes regarding morning studies:
Students should bring a copy of the following documents to the Directorate of Students Dormitories. 1-A letter from their faculty.
2-A copy of students badge.
3- A copy of Iraqi card.
4-Two photos.
5-Formation Card.
6-The student will pay 25,000ID as guarantee and will return to him by the end of the academic year if the validity of the room materials is proved.
7-Three students will be in one room.
8-Students should not book a room and use transportation to come to the university.
B-Regarding morning studies, the same notes apply but they should pay 300,000ID and bring a letter from Directorate of Accounting/Presidency of the university.