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Faculty of Humanities to Hold its Third International Scientific Research

16 September 2018

Zakho Center for Kurdish Studies / Faculty of Humanities at the University of Zakho will hold its 3rd conference entitled “British Policy towards Kurdish Issue” on 16th- 17th April, 2019.
General Definition (Overview): it is an ancient and new topic in history of Kurdish politics; however, it is important to review it one more time as well as to do critical researches and views on everything related to the British Policy in the Middle East generally and in Kurdistan particularly. Some of Kurdish Historicists and politicians believed that Britain withdrew from being Kurdish supporter and it is not as active, effective as main element in the decision as before in the Kurdish politics and Kurdistan future, especially, after the coup against Abdulkareem Qasim former Iraqi president during the period of kingdom regime in Iraq in 1958. The events that are clearly shown after 16th of October, 2017, it is obviously stated that Britain has not been disconnected from Iraqi Politics and it is still continuous in its negative impact on Kurdistan future. The ancient policy which was supported for each Kurdish movement and revolution in all four parts of Kurdistan, if the reason was for gaining a sort of independence.

To shed the light on everything related to the British policy towards Kurdistan, and to uncover the British evidences that deals with the future of Kurds and their destiny from the period which is for British first arrival, the beginning of 19th century, to Kurdistan until 2017, to know the purpose and aims of British Policy towards Kurdistan.

To reach the scientific and authentic answers so as to introduce the British Political Dimensions towards Kurdistan, as well as that questions which are so important that the answers to be found. What did Britain base on to determine and implement its policy toward Kurdistan? What is the role of Kurds in the impact of that policy? What is the role of minorities to push Britain for implementing this policy towards Kurds? Is Britain influenced by Arab, Persian, and Turkish People during implementing its policy? Where are the reasons behind Kurdish-British interests that have not historically coincided?

Conference Themes:
The title “British Policy towards Kurdish Issue” has comprises many themes, since; Britain controlled the politics in Kurdistan for two centuries. We could conclude all that themes as the following:

1- When did British Intervention begin into Kurdistan?
2- Why did Britain select Kurdistan as its arena in the first half of the 19th century?
3- The British policy towards the Kurdish feudal emirates in the 19th century?
4- The responsibility of Britain in the collapse of the emirates system regime in Kurdistan?
5- Britain and the Armenian issue in Kurdistan?
6- British policy towards Kurdish revolutions and movements during the period 1880-1914?
7- Britain role in stimulating the Assyrian-Kurdish conflict in Kurdistan?
8- Kurdistan in colonial plans and treaties (Sykes-Picot-Sazanov, Cairo, Sevres, Lausanne)?
9- Britain responsibility for the inability of Kurds to win an independent state after World War I?
10- British mandate and supervision on Iraq in the era of the emergence of nationalist movements in Iraqi Kurdistan until the coup Abdul Karim Qasim: (Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Hafeed, Sheikh Ahmed Barzani, Khalil Khoshevi, and Mullah Mustafa Barzani).
11- British policy towards the Kurdish issue in Turkey, Iran and Syria?
12- How did Britain deal with the events and facts of the September revolution (1961-1975)?
13- The British situation on the processes of Anfal and Halabja Bombardment?
14- British policy towards the Kurdish issue in Iraq during the period of Kurdish rule in Iraqi Kurdistan 1991-2003?
15- The British situation on the PKK and its military operations in Kurdistan?
16- Iraqi Kurdistan in the British political plans after the US conquest of Iraq in 2003 until the Kirkuk events in October 2017?
17- How do the Kurdish political and historians evaluate British policy towards Kurdish national issue?
18- Criticizing and analyzing the most prominent works on British policy towards the Kurdish issue.
19- The most prominent British politicians who have influenced in one way or another on the Kurdish political future.
20- The impact of geographical location and petroleum on the British policy towards Kurdistan.
Terms and Conditions
1- Scientific Committee takes research papers in Kurdish, Arabic, and English Languages.
2- The Abstract should not be more than (500) words along with adding ( 5 ) main keywords
3- The total numbers of the whole research Paper should not be more than (10000) words
4- Use the following font-types:
- (Ali-K-Sahifa) for Kurdish language
- (Ali-A-Sahifa) for Arabic Language
- (Times New Roman( for English Language
Important Dates
• Abstract submission due: October 15th , 2018
• Notification to authors (Accept/Apology ): November 1st , 2018
• Submission the final transcript of the paper due: January 10th , 2019
• Notification to authors (Accept/Reject): February 1st , 2018
• Starting Conference on 16th-17th April, 2019
Contact address:
- Please send E-mails to the following email address: (hum.isc2019@uoz.edu.krd)
- For more information , contact on the following : (+964 (0) 751 536 1550)