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A Researcher from the University of Zakho Was Awarded by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

30 November 2018

On August 2018, Dr. Naseem Salim Abdel from Department of Physics, Faculty of Science-UOZ, was awarded a Research Fellowship (for 4 months) from Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) after being nominated by Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences –Sweden, and Tohoku University –Japan as he successfully completed the Research Fellowship at AIMR, Tohoku University-Japan.
Dr. Naseem worked as a researcher, in the fields of nanotechnology and radiation sensor technology, in collaboration with Japanese professors ‘Yong P. Chen’ and ‘Akichika Kumatani’ at Advanced Institute for Materials Research (AIMR)-Tohoku University. His work focused on the production and characterization of 2D materials (Graphene) on unique STO substrates using Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) machine. During his research time at Tohoku University, he participated in the International Conference “Symposium of 30th Anniversary of Nano Crystalline Soft Magnetic Alloys, and 15th Materials Science School for Young Scientists” at Institute for Materials Research-Tohoku University. In addition, he studied different scientific E-courses that belong to Japanese research policy and ethics.

It is worth mentioning that this research work was supported by three international Universities: Tohoku University-Japan, Lund University- Sweden and the University of Zakho -Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the second stage of this project will be completed at Lund University in Sweden.