First Computer Science Department Exhibition At UoZ

“Computers have lots of memory but no imagination”

Computer Science Department was held its first graduation projects exhibition on 06-05-2018 at the Faculty of Science - Conference Hall. This is the first time that the department held such activity and hopefully be the first brick for next coming years.

Aims and Objectives of The Fair

  1. The first and most significant object of the fair is to motivate both the supervisors and the students to work hardly on their projects and try to be creative.
  2. Such kind of exhibitions will undoubtedly increase the academic level of the university and consequently its ranking.
  3. The fair is good opportunity for student’s project to be shown and explored to be implemented in both private and government sectors.
  4. The fair will be a great motivation for 1st, 2nd and 3rd students to choose and work on valuable projects.
  5. Computer science department did not hold such exhibition before. It is planned that the fair will be held annually for every academic year.
  6. Sharing ideas among university of Zakho students.
  7. Sharing ideas among computer science department of university of Zakho and other universities.


The Committee of The Exhibition:

  1. Dr. Adel Sabry Eesa - (Head)
  2. Mr. Ahmed Mahdi Abdo - (Member)
  3. Students of the 4th stage - (Members)

Below Are The Participated Projects:

Ararat Dictionary

By: Mr. Yousif Garabet - (UoZ)

Ararat is a fastest English - Kurdish Dictionary and vice versa you can search either in English or Kurdish in addition this app contain more than 77,000 words in English also 77, 000 in Kurdish too.

Company Management System

By: Hejar Khalil Lazgeen , and Khalid Younis Hamo - (UoZ)

Supervisor: Mr. Mohammad Hitham

This project is aimed to facilitate the work in company such as buying\ selling products, managing stores, managing customers\vendors debit, determine how it works with banking, managing employees.

Designing and implementation of Finger Print Attendance System

By: Dilshad Mohammad, and Kameran Hasso - (UoZ)

Supervisor: Mr. Mohammad Hitham

This project is for designing and implementing an arduino based system for the management of employee’s attendance in UoZ.

Higher Education Management System

By: Dilnaz Mostafa - (UoZ)

Supervisor: Dr. Adil Sabry

This project aimed to develop a software for managing the higher education unit in a very profession way. It is easy to use, maintainable and provide precise results.

Real Time Multiple Face Detection and Recognition

By: Hachim Naif, and Jalal Majeed - (UoZ)

Supervisor: Dr. Ramadhan J. Mstafa

A system that can detect and recognize multiple faces in real time using Principal Component Analysis (PCA).

School Management System

By: Ramziya Abozed - (UoZ)

Supervisor: Mr. Mohammed Haitham

This system of the school to facilitate administrative factors and facilitate the work of the director and students.

Android Ordering System

By: Alan Salm - (UoZ)

Supervisor: Mr. Rasti Mohammed

An app for restaurant that helps the user to choose their desired food and place an order, and the restaurant will process the order.

UOZ E-Community

By: Waadullah Ahmed, and Khairy Mohamed - (UoZ)

Supervisor: Mr. Yousif B. Jameel

A system for facilitating the communication among University staff, employees, and students to provide the appropriated educational environments.

Phone Card Auto Recharge

By: Vinwar Ameen, and Ayad Sherwan - (UoZ)

Supervisor: Mr. Rasti Mohammed

A mobile app that uses the camera to read rechargeable card number and automatically recharge your phone credit.

Image Cryptography Using RSA

By: Soleen Majed, and Wafaa Abdulwahid - (UoZ)

Supervisor: Mr. Reber Ahmed

A program that uses the HEX function to extracts an image HEX code, HEX code is converted into cipher text using RSA.

Design and Implement 4WD Robot Car

By: Momen Kh. Ibrahem, and Carmen Z. Yousef - (UoZ)

Supervisor: Dr. Maiwan Bahjat

Design a car type robot and control it using Smartphone Bluetooth through interfaces with microcontroller to control its speed and direction.

Steganography Using Least Significant Bit

By: Majid Ahmed, Mahamad Abdulkhalq, and Hemn Abdullah - (UoZ)

Supervisor: Mr. Ari Shawkat Tahir

A program is built to hide encrypted text in an image, using AES algorithm to encrypt text and LSB algorithm to embed text in to image.

Students’ Attendance Management

By: Soleen Khald, Parishan Basheer, and Wajida Abdulkhalq - (UoZ)

Supervisors: Mr. Ahmed Mahdi, and Mr. Mohammed Haitham

The system to be build is for student attendance in university of Zakho. The system is divided into software and hardware.

Children Tracking System Using Arduino

By: Jwan Salih, Mohammed Haji, and Qanih Mohammed - (UoZ)

Supervisor: Mr. Mohammed Haitham

The aim of the project is to design a device (Arduino & GPS/GSM Shield) in which aims to send the location of the device to an android application.

Controlling Electric Devices by GSM and Wireless Communications using Adriano

By: Alan Filmrz, Zana Abdulkareem, Balaliz Shaheen, and Hind Rasheed - (Davinci)

Supervisor: Mr. Abdullah A.

The system is used to control home lights and other electric devices by mobile phone, home alarm system and other functions.

Customs Management System

By: Dilovan Salahadeen, and Baez Hiro - (Davinci)

Supervisor: Mr. Abdullah A.

It is an online transactions system created to make everything easy for both visitors and employers and full control for supervisors.

Warehouse Management

By: Raad Aziz, and Radhwan Ismail - (Nawroz)

Supervisor: Mr. Harman Khalid

A system for Warehouse Management from the classical way to modern way, with a high security included, which is useful for employee and manager.

Traffic News

By: Idrees Zbeer - (Nawroz)

Supervisor: Mr. Harman Khalid

A system that include almost case that people & DTP office need to be synchronized to make an easier way to publish information between them.

Car Accident Protect and System Management

By: Asaad Nazar - (Nawroz)

Supervisor: Mr. Firas Mahmood

This system is for protecting the life of people when a car accident occurs, by sending a message to the responsible places using (GPS and GSM).

Ardouino – Microcontroller Based Medical Wheelchair Controlling System

By: Anmar Silo - (Nawroz)

Supervisor: Dr. Subhi R. M.

This Project produced by Arduino that is used for controlling the medical wheelchair supporting Bluetooth module, gyroscope and Joystick.

Parking Lot Manager by Using Arduino

By: Ahmed Abdullah, Mayaf Zakaw, Siber Jameel, and Jihan Askandar - (DPU)

Supervisor: Mr. Azar A. Salih

An Arduino based smart parking system to organize parking lots on mobile application using ultrasonic distance sensors to sense cars once it gets in the parking lot.

Tablet Based Cafe Ordering System

By: Mohamed R. Omer, Ahmed N. Ibahim, Zhegr J. Ali, and Sunds R. Freq - (DPU)

Supervisor: Mr. Dezheen H. Abdulazeez

This project is to deliver a better customer service by taking the customer’s order on a tablet, instead of the traditional menu system which is time consuming and old fashion.